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After years of working with promotional products, we have gained the experience needed to assist companies with deciding on the most appropriate gift for their annual Christmas party or employee appreciation gathering. There are so many factors that come into play when trying to please a group of people. Age, gender, efficiency, effectiveness, etc. - most of the factors are closely related to marketing. In my opinion, a better question would be, “How can this gift reflect the company appropriately and still be useful to this ‘market’ of employees?” A quick survey could really help you learn your market and pinpoint the best gift to make your employees feel appreciated and understood. Here are some questions you might find helpful:
What is the age range of your employees?
Does the majority of the age range outweigh the other percentage by over 65%?
Is it a mixed gender group, or does one gender outnumber the other?
What could be effective/useful towards this group’s lifestyle?
What could be efficient/valuable for this group’s lifestyle?
Remember, majority rules. If the majority of your company is one gender, it would be more efficient towards your budget to purchase a gender based gift in bulk and 2 or 3 separate gifts for the minority. When speaking in terms of age, you are more liable to “get away” with purchasing a gift that is geared towards the majority but can still be useful for the minority. Most promotional products may take up to 2-3 weeks for artwork and production. It is best to order a month or two before the event. Call us for suggestions for your event, (800)738-2500.