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More is Less

We often say that “less is more”, but when it comes to buying printing, the opposite is also true: more is less.

It pays to remember that the economics of printing are different than typical retail situations. In printing, a large portion of the expense occurs before the press begins to run: in setting up the job in graphics, making plates, and preparing the press for the size and colors required by the job. This expense is fixed, however, regardless of the quantity ordered. The bottom line: 1000 letterheads don’t cost twice as much as 500. It’s really much cheaper per piece to order more, compared to the cost of ordering 500 letterheads twice.

Of course, you shouldn’t buy more printing than you can reasonably use, and you should carefully consider whether you’ll want to make changes in the future. If you own a restaurant and order 10,000 menus in order to get the best possible price, you may regret the decision when you want to add a new dish next month. But in many cases, you’ll benefit by asking for a quote on a higher quantity. You’ll be surprised how cost-efficient printing can be!