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Print Goes Interactive with QR

Print Goes Interactive with QR

No doubt you’ve seen these funny-looking bar codes by now. We’d like to take an opportunity to introduce you to one of the hottest marketing tools today: the QR Code.

Simply put, a QR (“Quick Response”) code is a specially configured bar code, designed to be readable by the camera on your smartphone. Unlike a traditional barcode, these codes can contain more than just a string of numbers. They can contain data like text, web addresses, and even a virtual business card. They’re simple and flexible, and that’s where the creativity kicks in.

Some restaurants add QR code labels to wine bottles, which link the wine to a food pairing, recipe, or coupon. In Japan, QR codes on food items are common, and link to nutritional information or cooking tips. Codes found on business cards can generate a new contact in your phone, automatically adding all the relevant contact information so you don’t have to do it manually.

In marketing, QR codes are popular for being easy to track, and they offer your customers a way to voluntarily engage with your brand. They can also be flexible enough to keep your customer’s attention: if your QR is linked to a web page, you can change the web page - maybe by posting a different coupon every month - without changing the code itself. Your QR code - and the item it’s printed on - can stay fresh and useful for a long time.

Have a marketing campaign in mind? Not sure how to implement QR codes in your campaign, or if it’s the right solution for you? Call us for a consultation and let us find the most effective solution for you! In the meantime, you can get started with QR codes right now - if you have an iPhone or iPad, check out our App of the Month recommendation and scan the QR code above to go to a special URL.