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Irma Marie Stiegler visits Andrepont Printing

Irma Marie Stiegler visits Andrepont Printing

"It is awesome to put a face with the voice you've been speaking to over the phone for such a long time," says Marianne Fontenot, head of our Graphics department, as she meets Irma Stiegler for the first time. Marianne has been working tirelessly to design the book "Memoirs of Rene A. Stiegler."

After Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans resident Irma Marie Stiegler salvaged a thick clump of wet papers while clearing out her basement. The cover page read, "MY MEMOIRS, BY RENE A. STIEGLER." Irma's father, Rene, served as Executive Director of the Dock Board at the Port of New Orleans from 1929-1940, working with Governer Huey Long on many occasions. After carefully drying out each sheet, she compiled her late father's writings and set a goal to publish them. Marianne has worked on this project alongside Ms. Stiegler for well over a year, designing the layout and organizing the memoirs, helping her reach her goal of publication. On May 1, this feisty 90-year-old took delivery of the completed book and has high expectations for it's success.

We are honored to help publish a book whose content is so rich in history and inspiration. Rene Stiegler wrote that "the way to succeed in writing is to touch the heart." Let us leave you without a doubt that he has touched ours.